5 sentences with 'ferns'

Example sentences and phrases with the word ferns and other words derived from it.

« However, my grandfather had two weaknesses: One was me, and the other was his garden, a jungle of giant ferns on the side of his garage. »
« For decades, green, tall, primitive ferns had adorned his garden. »
« I will always associate the ferns with that admirable old man and the gentle, regenerative grieving process we shared. »
« In the terrarium you can grow mosses and ferns; place animals such as small snakes (non-poisonous), toads, frogs, snails, slugs, spiders, centipedes, bugs, lizards, etc.; make sure that the number of animals is not excessive. »
« Storing food in underground stems, such as onions (bulbs), potatoes (tubers) and ferns (rhizomes). »
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