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Example sentences and phrases with the word journalist and other words derived from it.

« His suspicions were confirmed by journalist and researcher José Díaz Herrera, who believes that the Costa Doñana resort was some sort of fundraising scheme to benefit the Socialist Party. »
« But no journalist knows what is really known. In 1979 the US Navy's Biosystems Laboratory had developed a simple "bionic sonar". It located underwater with ultrasound, lowered the frequency of the echoes to the range audible to man, and a blindfolded diver wearing headphones could use it to swim around obstacles. »
« A journalist as a young man, Marx became an avowed socialist in the 1840s and wrote (with his friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels) the most famous and influential socialist work of the 19th century, The Communist Manifesto. »
« A French journalist who attended the conference created the term "third world" to describe the bloc of nations: neither the first world of the US and Western Europe, nor the second world of the USSR and its satellites, but the allied bloc of former colonies. »
« It's a fantastic organisation, but most remarkable of all, its founder is not a doctor. His name is Lars Braw, and before that he was a journalist. »
« -It's not realistic; you have to study for years to become a doctor," he told his wife, Kay, also a journalist. But one day I will do something for these people. »
« There, the journalist was captured and threatened with death by Eritrean guerrillas, but his powers of persuasion did not fail him, and he negotiated his way out of danger. »
« The journalist points through a hole to the houses on the other side of the street and says: "There are the Serbs: 50 metres away from us. The barrel of a rifle could be made out with the naked eye. »

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