6 sentences with «joined»

« It was then that he joined forces with Carlos Martín, who had been appointed director of nature conservation at the SEO (Spanish Ornithological Society). »
« He joined the navy during World War II, and there he managed to assemble a series of colorful fictional accounts about the exotic people he met in the South Seas. »
« The summer over, he joined the Westinghouse Company, and was engaged in traveling the southern Michigan countryside as an operator and repairman of the Westinghouse Company's machines. »
« Hundreds of colleagues from across the state joined the funeral procession, which passed through the streets of Newark. »
« An alloy is a combination of metals created when metals are joined at the molecular level to create an entirely new material. »
« When men joined him, he rewarded them with plundered riches, and his army grew. »

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