Sentences with «kisses»

« Despite the passion with which she responded to some of my kisses that summer and the next, for her I was part of the transition between childhood and the serious commitments of adulthood. »
« Even in the most cinematic of kisses there is an exchange of saliva that carries from mouth to mouth some 9 milligrams of water, 0.7 milligrams of albumin, 0.45 milligrams of salts, 250 bacteria and viruses and also the so-called kissing disease. »
« When a person kisses, they produce an average of 16 millilitres of saliva. The same amount, in turn, of a substance called Ph - secreted by the salivary glands - whose activity depends on the functioning of the nervous system - and which achieves the sweetness that poets attribute to the kiss. »
« According to researchers, sugary kisses at the right point respond to a production of 7 Ph that will contain the 16 millilitres of saliva. »

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