9 sentences with «quickly»

« They did so as quickly as they could, for it was clear that the patient's life was slipping away before their eyes. »
« Mike Spaulding recovered surprisingly quickly from his accident. »
« I was quickly reviewing my options when the operating field began to flood with blood, like water gushing from a subway sprinkler; there was a real hemorrhage in my patient. »
« They quickly filled the operative field with compresses, covered it with towels and carefully turned the inert body over. »
« The news spread quickly, and one young man commented, "Twenty years for a bullet! That's a lifetime!" »
« "It's my workshop," Ford commented, "where I hope people can get well as quickly as possible and get their broken parts repaired." »
« The pleasure-loving Romans quickly adopted the Greek custom of using water as a therapy. They built large public and private baths to relax, cure and prevent illness. »

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