6 sentences with 'cannon'

Example sentences and phrases with the word cannon and other words derived from it.

« After the cannon shot that lifts the ban on eating during Ramadan, long queues form to buy the canned fish that these people love. »
« Today, the battered building has holes everywhere and is badly damaged by tank, mortar and cannon shells and incendiary bombs. »
« A woman from Tucum├ín, Manuela Pedraza, fought bravely with her husband, who was a soldier in charge of a cannon. »
« In New Hampshire, soldiers seized Fort William and Mary and confiscated guns and cannon there. New England prepared for war. »
« They succeeded in capturing the fort, and the cannon from Ticonderoga were taken to Massachusetts and used to reinforce the siege of Boston. »
« In June, General Gage resolved to take Breed's Hill and Bunker Hill, the high ground across the Charles River from Boston, a strategic location that gave the rebel militia an advantage as they could train their cannon against the British. »

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