5 sentences with «vacant»

« The total commitment to the war by the belligerent nations left many professional positions vacant as men were sent off to fight. Women responded by taking on jobs that had been forbidden to them in the past, such as doctors, mid-level civil servants and executives in private enterprise, and in war production in factories. »
« I empirically tested everything I read at school in the vacant lot where I played as a child. »
« This skirmish was one of the many battles we fought in the vacant lot across the street from my childhood home. Battles between guerrillas and good guys; between the Lone Ranger and the rustlers. »
« It seems that almost everyone had a vacant lot in front of their childhood home. Those who didn't had one would scour the neighbourhood for one to test their mettle. »
« He continued to be involved in politics, and in 1976 he was chosen to run for a vacant Conservative Party seat in Parliament in the next election. »

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