6 sentences with 'secretly'

Example sentences and phrases with the word secretly and other words derived from it.

« The Catholic Church (Roman/Latin): the Catholic Church remained dominant in almost all of southern Europe, including Italy, Spain, Austria, parts of the Balkans, and kingdoms such as Poland as well. Catholic minorities existed openly or secretly depending on the relative hostility of local rulers in much of the rest of Europe. »
« To sweeten the deal for the Soviets, the pact secretly included provisions to divide Poland between Germany and the USSR in the immediate future. »
« Everything was discovered and Columbus would have obtained meticulous maps that he used, secretly, on the voyage. »
« Subliminal mind control is secretly pursued by many governments, which set aside large sums of money for research. »
« Subliminal mind control is secretly pursued by many governments through technology. The Orientals, on the other hand, achieve it through individual and collective training. »
« I secretly dreamed of being an only child and having a room just for me. »
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