Sentences with 'hardware'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hardware and other words derived from it.

« By 1943, a year and a half after the initial invasion, the Soviets were producing more military hardware than the Germans. Also, despite the relative success of the German invasion, Germany lost more than 1.4 million men as casualties in the first year. »
« The USSR controlled the governments of all the countries of Eastern Europe, with the odd exception of Yugoslavia, and had considerable influence almost everywhere else in the world. Its factories produced military hardware at an enormous rate, even its scientists proved equal to anything the West could produce, and its athletes often beat all comers in the Olympics every four years. »
« To that end, Nikita Khrushchev continued the Stalinist focus on building heavy industry and especially military hardware, but also devoted enormous energies to science and engineering. »
« Scientists have succeeded in replicating conditions on Earth to test their theory, achieving 2 parts fuel to every ten parts air. This has encouraged US space programme officials to include, in an upcoming manned trip to Mars, the hardware to build the "air distillery", although they are hesitant to send the spacecraft with half a tank. » - 1998 - 2022