5 sentences with «zones»

« Rationing ensured that only civilian populations in the actual war zones could face total starvation, but famine was widespread. British farmers were considered so important to the war effort that they were excluded from conscription and hailed as heroes in government propaganda. »
« The leaders also agreed to divide Germany into different zones until they could determine how to allow the Germans, purged of the Nazism they hoped for, to return to self-government. »
« The US-, French- and British-controlled occupation zones of Germany became the new nation of the Federal Republic of Germany, known as West Germany, while the Soviet-controlled zone became the German Democratic Republic, or East Germany. »
« As Cold War tensions mounted, Stalin ordered a blockade of all supplies going to Berlin's western zones. The US led a massive airlift of food and supplies for nearly a year, while both sides carefully avoided armed confrontation. In the end, the Soviets abandoned the blockade, and West Berlin became a single western camp site in the middle of communist East Germany. »
« Jupiter is divided into horizontal belts and zones. In the north: polar region, temperate zone, temperate belt, tropical zone and tropical belt. In the south, after the equatorial zone: tropical belt, tropical zone, temperate belt, temperate zone and polar region. »

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