8 sentences with 'year'

Example sentences and phrases with the word year and other words derived from it.

« In March 1992, after a year of work, the commission (composed, among others, of international experts in hydrology, botany, ecology and land use) wrote the epitaph of this business project. »
« The following year, these stories served as the subject of a wildly popular musical play on Broadway, and the book sold like hot cakes everywhere. »
« He had met the petite brunette a year ago on a date arranged by someone else. »
« Sales of electronics are up 35 percent a year there, and motor vehicle sales are up 46 percent. »
« She began to talk when she was one year old, and to walk soon after, showing no signs of brain damage. After the third year, the tumor began to grow again. »
« A year later she had another hemorrhage, and Dr. Epstein performed another craniotomy, the first of four that were necessary over several years. »
« That same year - 1988 - the doctor had received a letter from Donna Feulner, Chris's mother. »
« Tourists marvel at Manrique's work, and each year 1.4 million visitors come to the island, a third of them from Germany. »

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