Sentences with «vans»

« Based on the experiments with gas vans and temporary gas chambers at Auschwitz, the SS leaders concluded that stationary killing centres would be the most efficient and (for the killers) psychologically viable form of mass murder. Thus, in early 1942, the Nazis embarked on the most notorious project of the Holocaust: the creation of extermination camps. »
« A study conducted by Dr. Neil Hampson, revealed that cargo vans with a cargo box pose a serious risk of carbon monoxide poisoning to children. »
« Country people wave at me from their vans and cars, barely taking their hands off the wheel. At first, the gesture puzzles me. I wonder if they are trying to tell me that my lights are on or that I have a low tyre, or if perhaps they have mistaken me for someone else. I've never seen most of these guys - who do they think they're waving at? » - 1998 - 2021