5 sentences with 'odd'

Example sentences and phrases with the word odd and other words derived from it.

« As you could see at the beginning of the article, this is achieved with a very loud high-pitched sound - it doesn't have to be an ultrasound - in which case the odd moth risks ending its escape in a martini glass; but as one drunk said, there are worse deaths. »
« The USSR controlled the governments of all the countries of Eastern Europe, with the odd exception of Yugoslavia, and had considerable influence almost everywhere else in the world. Its factories produced military hardware at an enormous rate, even its scientists proved equal to anything the West could produce, and its athletes often beat all comers in the Olympics every four years. »
« -It's what all my friends wear," Jason explained of his odd way of dressing. »
« Now imagine that one morning you open the newspaper and on an odd page you find an advertisement that reads: "Stimulate those wimpy brains! Stop being the laughing stock of friends and family! Mente de Acero S.A. offers you the unique opportunity to develop that gentrified brain for good!". Ridiculous, true. But not entirely inaccurate. »
« Doctors once thought that the only hereditary diseases were haemophilia, certain birth defects and the odd rare condition. But scientific evidence showed that this was not the case. »

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