16 sentences with 'her'

Example sentences and phrases with the word her and other words derived from it.

« I would have preferred to hug her - and, of course, for her to hug me - when I told her the news, but my wife knew I was waiting for the results. »
« It was obvious to her that something terrible was wrong with me or someone very close to me. »
« Margaret was silent. Tears were rolling down her cheeks under her glasses. »
« To encourage her, I told her that Michener liked to write about animals, and I read her passages about Diplodocus, the dinosaur, from Centennial ("The Saga of the Colorado"), and about Jimmy, the crab, from Chesapeake ("Chesapeake Bay"). »
« Like her son and other orphans she cared for, Jim wore hand-me-down clothes and sometimes had nothing to eat. »
« So he sat down next to her and gave her his full attention. »
« He fell in love with her almost instantly. »
« Months later, he asked her to marry him. »
« Ask her to go to the hospital. I may never see her again. »
« At one point she wouldn't even get out of her chair. »
« I would say to her, "Come on, Mom. Let's go somewhere. »
« I loved her very much, and yet I resent her for letting herself be defeated; I think that's what caused her death. »
« She was visiting her brother's photography studio on the sixth floor of a New York City building. »
« For her part, Miss Vogel remembers two things: »
« and that he rubbed her injured hands very hard to remove the grease. »
« In 1988, after her boss resigned, Barbara Gorkis, a personnel manager at a computer audio and video software distributor, underwent tough training to fill the position immediately above hers. »
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