5 sentences with 'judging'

Example sentences and phrases with the word judging and other words derived from it.

« Here too, the United Nations was generally unable to prevent violence, although at times it did at least provide an ethical framework for historically judging the actions of imperialist powers. »
« The underwater route was not difficult, judging by the map the diver had made. »
« The underworld, depicted in the lower section of the painting, is not very different from our hell, judging by the dragons with tongues of fire that appear there. There are also turtles and owls representing the subterranean netherworld. »
« Everyday objects were made of steatite, which was probably exported, judging by the quantity. »
« The principle of dialogue is to accept that the other person is someone different from us. That sounds simple and obvious. However, we often confuse the people with whom we form a bond by judging them according to our own feelings and opinions. »

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