7 sentences with 'least'

Example sentences and phrases with the word least and other words derived from it.

« "I will need at least nine months to write my thesis," he declares. "However, life is about making decisions and sticking to them." »
« But, after three laps, Winton was already at least 300 yards ahead, and the race seemed to be decided. At that, Henry Ford began to catch up. »
« As soon as Edsel mentioned the accounting department, which was his father's least appreciated department, Henry Ford stormed out of the room. »
« For every half a kilo of weight lost through perspiration, at least three medium-sized glasses of water should be drunk; »
« Among the carbohydrates, sugar is the least useful for the body's functions and can be easily replaced by sugar. »
« "If I can at least get one student to quit, my day will be well spent," he declares. »
« Nations should also consider at least one large reserve in each of the world's oceans where human activities are to be prohibited. These ocean reserves would literally be nurseries for fish to reproduce. »

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