6 sentences with 'variations'

Example sentences and phrases with the word variations and other words derived from it.

« When there is a waxing or waning moon, the smallest variations are observed, and they are referred to as "neap tides". »
« Thus, with the right compromised by fascism and the left by communism, the parties in power were variations of the centre-left and centre-right, usually parties that fell under the categories of "Socialists" (or, in Britain, Labour) and "Christian Democrats". »
« As an evolutionary biologist and paleontologist, I have found shells to be more than just beautiful variations of spiral architecture. These works of art have led me to consider some broader questions, such as those of their functionality and construction. »
« Climate and atmospheric variations are caused by many factors, and their consequences affect the entire planet. From floods to droughts, exaggerated temperature ranges, changes in ocean temperatures and pressure fluctuations, there is, however, one main culprit: the great ocean mass. »
« The effects of climate on health are often due to continuous variations in factors such as temperature and atmospheric pressure, humidity, airborne particles and the electrical charge of the atmosphere. »
« And for this purpose, specific machines and computers come into play - when not - providing the subject with information about the variations as they occur, in order to learn to know and control them. Yogis have been doing this for hundreds of years. »

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