8 sentences with 'visit'

Example sentences and phrases with the word visit and other words derived from it.

« With the exception of my daily walk and visit to the urologist, I had not left the house since my return from Johns Hopkins. »
« In the summer of 1992 I decided to go visit James Michener in Brunswick, Maine. »
« -Can we visit him, too? -asked my youngest daughter, Hana. »
« I explain the reason for my visit to the kind receptionist, whose name is Malahat, and she assures me that she will be attentive to any news about my friend Nader Ali. »
« Shortly afterwards we visit our cell. I ask him if it is not difficult for him to see the prison again. »
« What is the only Gospel that refers to the visit of the Magi to the child Jesus? »
« The opportunity to visit Africa had brought the family back together for a couple of months. »
« Burroughs came to visit the Fords in Detroit shortly before Henry's birthday, and invited the couple to Massachusetts, to sip from the wellspring of American transcendentalism. »
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