5 sentences with 'sectors'

Example sentences and phrases with the word sectors and other words derived from it.

« In one fell swoop, Louis XIV crippled what had been one of the most commercially productive sectors of the French population, ultimately strengthening his various enemies in the process. »
« He called for "socialism with a human face", i.e. a kind of communist government that allowed freedom of speech, a liberalised view of human expression and a diversified economy that could cater to sectors other than heavy industry. »
« The sectors of the British economy that benefited from Thatcherite policies were financial in nature: banks in particular prospered when regulations were abandoned and banks were legally allowed to make large profits through financial speculation. »
« The shopping centre is a meeting place, where the walker necessarily pays attention to all the sectors, as the organisation of the space obliges him to follow a specific route. We can speak of a "shopping culture", a space that has been taken over by young people. »
« Why do we speak of the "broadening" of democracy? Because in modern times, new individuals, groups and social sectors have been progressively incorporated into political participation, until it has become universal. At the same time, the democratic political regime became more complex. »

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