Sentences with 'quo'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quo and other words derived from it.

« Unlike the men of the previous generation, Gorbachev was convinced that the status quo was increasingly unsustainable: the Soviet economy was faltering along with little or no growth, the entire education system was based on propaganda masquerading as fact, and the state could barely maintain its spending in the arms race with the United States (especially after US President Ronald Reagan came to power in 1980 and poured resources into the US military). »
« This status quo was shattered in 1979 by the Iranian Revolution. What began as a coalition of intellectuals, students, workers and clerics opposed to the Shah's oppressive regime was overtaken by the most fanatical branch of the Iranian Shia clergy under the leadership of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. »
« In particular, the middle colonies of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had deeply divided populations. Loyalty to Britain manifested itself in many forms, from wealthy elites enjoying the pre-war status quo to runaway slaves desiring the freedom the British offered. »

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