6 sentences with 'jump'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jump and other words derived from it.

« These discoveries raised an obvious question: if genes do indeed jump from one species to another, why do we never see a trout with feathers? Or a cat that looks like a baboon? »
« In Russia itself, the 1990s were an unmitigated economic and social disaster, as the whole country tried to jump into the market economy without the slightest planning or oversight. »
« Desperate not to find an explanation for their symptoms, some people become convinced that they have an illness they have just read about. Do not jump to conclusions. »
« Trout jump to catch the flies that fly, rippling the water, and sometimes they splash and you see them surrounded by a wreath of drops, as they fall back into the stream. »
« After each pitch, my uncle would jump up, throw the ball back to me and exclaim, "Way to go, Paddy! You struck him out!" »
« In evolution, animals came out of the water and had to defend themselves from temperature variations and water loss by covering their bodies with feathers or hairs; by transforming their fins into legs to walk or jump, or by converting their gill breathing into tracheal breathing, like invertebrates, or pulmonary breathing, like vertebrates. »

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