6 sentences with 'unpredictable'

Example sentences and phrases with the word unpredictable and other words derived from it.

« Man has a body structure that allows him to undertake the most unpredictable physical activities. »
« Although the Tigris and Euphrates provided abundant water, they were highly unpredictable and subject to periodic flooding. »
« Just two years later, Iraq invaded neighbouring Kuwait and the United States (fearing the threat to oil supplies and now finding Hussein's regime dangerously unpredictable) led a coalition of UN forces to drive it out. »
« The duration of these stable periods of his illness is unpredictable, and it is believed that if his condition takes a downward turn again, the man will not survive. However, people have been writing him off as dead for more than 25 years, and so far they have been wrong. »
« Primates, whatever their species, are exposed to stress in the same way as humans. Their reactions can be unpredictable. »
« A peculiar feature of bamboo is that entire forests of the plant flower at the same time and die off quickly. These blooms and mass die-offs occur at unpredictable intervals, and up to 100 years may pass between them. »

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