5 sentences with 'vertebrae'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vertebrae and other words derived from it.

« The device is placed between the vertebrae to be fused and then filled with bone, usually taken from the patient's pelvis. After some time, the bone grows around the device and fuses the pair of vertebrae together. »
« At the seaside, fishing could not be missing, and this is how thorns and vertebrae were found, although it is assumed that hunting was more important. »
« Excavations along a river valley on the edge of Kenya have revealed hundreds of fragments of skulls, teeth, vertebrae and phalanges, which radioactive potassium has been used to date back some two and a half million years. »
« The discomfort was due to the fact that her posture exerted great pressure on her fifth and sixth lumbar vertebrae, which is why at bedtime (sliding on all fours into her cave), she would ask her partner for a massage session so that the discomfort would go away. »
« vertebral column: made up of the vertebrae (overlapping bones) distributed in the cervical (neck), dorsal (thoracic), lumbar (abdominal), sacral and coccygeal (back of the pelvis) regions. »
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