7 sentences with 'hanging'

Example sentences and phrases with the word hanging and other words derived from it.

« We practised less and less. I ended up hanging Karen's bike on a nail in the garage. »
« Bats are like groundhogs: they are similar because both animals sleep on their stomachs, hanging on their legs. »
« Dwayne was near the cavern roof, six feet up, with his trunk hanging over the side of a rocky prominence, and his legs were pinned by a colossal gray boulder. »
« Good God! -he exclaimed. Zach had lacerations all over his face, his nose crushed and bits of torn skin hanging from his mouth and right cheek. »
« -The cockpit window of the plane shattered. We've got the captain hanging out up to his waist, and I think he's dead. »
« What he saw shocked and dismayed him: the body of the plane's captain was glistening as if covered in frost hanging from the aircraft's broken windscreen. What if the purser lets go, he thought. The captain could hit the left engine and destroy it. »
« Small candles flicker in front of old icons hanging on the walls, and candles fill the air with the scent of honey. »

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