8 sentences with 'terms'

Example sentences and phrases with the word terms and other words derived from it.

« But recovering also means coming to terms with what happened. And it is even possible to identify the precise moment when this happens. »
« "If it's negative feedback, offer it in terms of a positive proposition," the expert advises. "Instead of blasting your boss that your idea is no good, tell him or her, 'This way you could get better results.'" »
« Generous, well-mannered and kind, he was in personal terms more humane than his father, and possessed all the ingredients necessary for great achievements, except the most important one: independence of spirit. »
« Henry Ford was not involved in the talks, and on June 18, when Harry Bennett showed him the terms that had finally been accepted, his first reaction was to reject them as an abject surrender. »
« "It's impossible to calculate in monetary terms the support they have given us," Walden asserts. »
« Uruk priests predicted the future and explained the present in terms of the will of the gods, and claimed to be able to influence the gods through their rituals. »
« Indeed, one of the earliest terms for "king" was ensis, meaning the representative of the god who "really" ruled the city. »
« Until that time, Egyptian technology, especially in terms of metallurgy, was quite primitive. »
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