7 sentences with 'journal'

Example sentences and phrases with the word journal and other words derived from it.

« "We found an article in a medical journal that mentioned precisely what he was describing: respiratory failure after coronary bypass," says Janice Guthrie. "We sent him the article and suggested he discuss it with his doctor. »
« According to a study reported in the journal Pediatrics, a single injection of the drug ceftriaxone - often used to treat meningitis and pneumonia in hospitalised patients - is as effective against ear infections in children as taking the oral antibiotic amoxicillin for ten days. »
« Hawking then published the essay "Black Hole Explosions? - which Dr Sciama considers "one of the most beautiful papers in the history of physics" - in the science journal Nature. »
« Dr. Land's studies were taken as a basis for research by parapsychologists and scholars of extrasensory phenomena, as well as psychiatrists at New York University, according to the journal "Medical Council" published by the university. »
« Dr. Stephen Helkings, who published his research in the medical journal "Revelations" (distributed from the United States to Europe), found that repeating these "mantras" very softly or mentally produces slow chemical changes in the body, which, he said, "I am still studying. »
« Encourage your children to keep a journal. »
« Book libraries are born behind, journal libraries run panting after the train of progress, and the only ones that play the role of seated passengers on board are these, the electronic ones, data banks and the internet. But these online libraries fill up with information at a much faster rate than the brain manages to consume it. »

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