7 sentences with 'volumes'

Example sentences and phrases with the word volumes and other words derived from it.

« But I read all of Balzac's volumes, and I am deeply impressed. If a man could write as he wishes to write, he would surely write like Balzac." »
« The first volume was published in 1751, and other volumes followed. In the end, the Encyclop├ędie consisted of 28 volumes containing 60,000 articles with 2,885 illustrations. »
« Although the volumes of this encyclopaedia were too expensive for most of the reading public to have direct access to them, the pirate chapters ensured that their ideas reached a much wider audience. »
« From 1853 to 1855 Gobineau published a series of volumes collectively entitled Essay on the Inequality of the Human Races. »
« As the Braille volumes in the libraries were insufficient, Arie enthusiastically took on the task of reading books aloud to me. »
« The United States was operating with a flood of different notes from multiple state banks and no coherent regulation. By proposing that the new national bank purchase large volumes of banknotes from state banks and require their conversion into gold, Hamilton especially wanted to discipline state banks that were irresponsibly issuing paper money. »
« Exporting in such high volumes made the United States the undisputed world leader in cotton production. »
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