6 sentences with 'keeps'

Example sentences and phrases with the word keeps and other words derived from it.

« It is an immense electronic counter, which keeps count, not of the distance traveled, but of the cars produced in the United States: 34,000 per day, in a good year: eight million per year. »
« The troublemakers are four seven-month-old sarcophiles (Tasmanian devils) who are holed up here with their mother, who keeps nibbling at their scarred face and hindquarters. »
« Optimists may think they are worth more than the facts indicate...and sometimes, that's what keeps them alive. »
« One child answered: "It keeps people from throwing up when they look at us". »
« Meanwhile, Linda Wiegand, who chairs the charity's eight-member board of directors, remains incapacitated and must lie on her back for up to 20 hours a day because of her health problems. She keeps in touch with the office by phone and fax. »
« Sometimes he deliberately keeps everyone waiting five minutes, only to ask them to repeat the question. »

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