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Example sentences and phrases with the word lighting and other words derived from it.

« The indigenous people of the Amazon have no problem with night lighting because that is taken care of by the insect Pirophorus noctilucas. »
« People were quite comfortable lighting their homes with oil lamps, until Edison came along. »
« "Once upon a time, when there was nothing to do in the country after dark, and when the lighting in the houses was very poor, we were obliged to adopt better sleep habits than we do today," says Dr Howard Roffwarg, a specialist in the field. »
« At the time in Europe, whales were needed for their oil (street lighting, frying food, oiling instruments), so the whaling industry in New Zealand was highly successful. The first whaling ship, the William Ann, was in New Zealand waters by around 1791–92, and many whaling ships arrived at New Zealand by the year 1800, most of them being British, American or French. Even some Maori joined whaling crews for new experiences. »
« Sealing was revived in 1803, when the seal colonies in Bass Strait, Australia, had been exhausted. Seals were still in high demand, for hats, and the leather for shoes. Furthermore, seal oil burned without smoke or smell and was needed for lighting and some industrial processes. »

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