10 sentences with 'accept'

Example sentences and phrases with the word accept and other words derived from it.

« And he asked Kipling to accept the book and the medal as a token of his gratitude. »
« I would see others accept this practice and get ahead, and it bothered me. »
« What matters is to fight; not to accept what can be changed. »
« Unpleasant surprises are not easy to accept, and some, like cancer, will never be welcomed with open arms. »
« Each time you accept new responsibilities in your job, write down your accomplishments. This record of your accomplishments will help you in two ways: you can use it to modify your job description, and to add favorable data to your resume. »
« "Children accept being very sick more readily than adults," the neurosurgeon once remarked. "But what they do care about is how they look. The least we can do is cut as little of their hair as possible." »
« I don't accept that children should die, until I've tried everything. I accept cases that intimidate other neurosurgeons because I don't believe in the inevitable. »
« Dr. Epstein's refusal to accept defeat and his willingness to take calculated risks were what allowed him, in the early 1980s, to open new horizons for pediatric neurosurgery. »
« Usually Marina would not even accept to listen to children of such a young age, but the boy's father, David Nakamatsu, was a good friend of her husband's, and since he had told her that his son would not leave him alone if he did not take lessons, she decided to make an exception and listen to him. »
« -We have to accept it," he said, "it's not going to get any better. »
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