Sentences with 'painkillers'

Example sentences and phrases with the word painkillers and other words derived from it.

« Among self-prescribed drugs, the most widely used are laxatives and painkillers; the former can cause loss of potassium and other minerals, and the latter (including the kindly aspirin) can cause motor incoordination, confusion and excitement, allergic reactions, haemorrhages, gastritis, intestinal irritation and ulcers if used in excess. »
« "Something very strange is happening, and I love it," says one patient who at the beginning of the experiment had 49 hypersensitive joints; after four days of prayer with the laying on of hands he had only eight hypersensitive joints, and after six months he was able to do without painkillers. »
« "Every day I took a combination of Valium, painkillers and sleeping pills," she recalls. »

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