Sentences with 'reacts'

Example sentences and phrases with the word reacts and other words derived from it.

« Pollen faces a different defence system in our nose. When it reacts with nasal mucus, it generates substances that cause an itchy sensation, which in turn triggers a sneeze capable of expelling the granites at speeds of over 150 kilometres per hour. »
« Once the second solvent had evaporated - after 12 to 24 hours - the substances were revealed with a reagent - a liquid to which each reacts in a characteristic way. One of the remains reached the same height and colour as the sample, so the chances of it being the same substance are very high. »
« This biblical text has become famous for the moral teaching it conveys: God reacts by differentiating the languages in the face of the pride of the men who wanted to reach heaven with a tower. As for the setting of the story, there is no doubt that the tower of Babel is the famous tower of Babylon, the 90-metre high step pyramid. »
« As soon as danger is detected, the brain "informs" the rest of the body, which reacts by adopting the behaviours mentioned above. » - 1998 - 2022