14 sentences with 'our'

Example sentences and phrases with the word our and other words derived from it.

« -This is going to disrupt our life, isn't it? -she asked sadly. »
« Dr. Walsh had answered all of our questions, except the most important one: would the operation work? »
« From day one, Emory, Margaret and I, covered up to our ears to protect us from the morning chill, went outside. »
« Only, if we don't act according to our own criteria and everything goes wrong, we are left with the regret of having known from the beginning that this was not the best way to go. »
« Companies may not keep track of our absences as accurately as our children, who throw us in our faces: »
« If we don't be on our guard, the world will beat us up. »
« "We earn more than our parents, so we spend more," he says. "Compared to my father, for example, I spend a lot more on entertainment." »
« We talked about many subjects: politics, our family, and even the best restaurants in Kabul. »
« -When you left," he tells me, "they searched our cell and took everything we had. I had to write your name and address scratching on the wall, so I wouldn't forget them. »
« Shortly afterwards we visit our cell. I ask him if it is not difficult for him to see the prison again. »
« The Breath had been our only home since I built it in the early 1980s in Saint John, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. »
« We each had our duties: the boys had known how to stand watch since they were six years old, and for the past eight years we had been accompanied by Santos, our affectionate and playful schipperke dog. »
« That night, when it was time to go to sleep, our dog Santos was lying on the roof of the cabin, from where he only left when the weather was bad. »
« My guide picks me up in his truck at 10pm, and we're on our way to a 26,000-hectare cattle farm. »

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