Sentences with 'quantum'

Example sentences and phrases with the word quantum and other words derived from it.

« The Holy Grail of modern physics is a Theory of Everything (ToU) that combines relativity and quantum theory into a single package; a set of equations that explains the totality of phenomena occurring in the universe, from the Big Bang to the atoms of which we are made. »
« Einstein tried to find the Theory of Everything, but failed, as he was unable to accept the randomness of quantum theory. "I cannot believe that God plays dice with the cosmos," he said. »
« More importantly, by partially unifying Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and quantum theory, Stephen Hawking took the first step towards finding the Holy Grail of contemporary physics: the Theory of Everything. »
« Nothing is lost, everything is transformed' does not seem to fit in quantum physics, although it is believed that after the destruction of the proton, three mysterious particles appear and shoot off at breakneck speed in different directions. Knowing the angle of escape would be a step towards unmasking their identity, but it is not known what kind of matter they would make up - if any - and what would become of the resulting universe - if any remains. »

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