6 sentences with 'characteristic'

Example sentences and phrases with the word characteristic and other words derived from it.

« With his characteristic serenity and simplicity, he immediately established a rapport with the soldiers he treated. »
« This is the Tasmanian devil's most curious characteristic: its extraordinary ability to resist infection and heal itself, as well as its extremely high pain tolerance, enduring without complaint injuries that would cripple almost any other animal. »
« The most characteristic manifestations of dyspepsia are: pain or discomfort in the epigastric region, nausea and/or vomiting, heartburn and belching. »
« Twenty years later, there were more diseases characteristic of maturity (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease) among the pessimists than among the optimists. »
« It is a role that the actress performs with her characteristic scrupulousness, taking violin lessons to give authenticity to her on-screen performance. »
« So let's not denigrate all aspects of this almost universal human characteristic. »
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