Sentences with 'jade'

Example sentences and phrases with the word jade and other words derived from it.

« The weapons are authentic, made of bronze, and there is also gold and jade jewellery, iron and bone tools, and linen, leather and silk textiles. All the elements of a royal army are present. »
« Nearly three thousand objects in gold, silver, bronze, jade and precious fabrics belonging to the grave goods were found. But what astonished the world the most were the funeral garments of the deceased made of jade plates tied with gold threads. »
« The clothing of Liu Sheng's mummy consists of 2,690 jade plates and 1,100 grams of gold thread. The clothes were undoubtedly intended to protect the bodies from decomposition and served a function analogous to that of mummification in Egypt, but were also symbols of hierarchy. »
« Weapons made of obsidian, jewellery made of jade, feathers woven into clothing and ornaments, and cocoa beans that were whipped into a chocolate drink formed the basis of trade. » - 1998 - 2022