11 sentences with 'knife'

Example sentences and phrases with the word knife and other words derived from it.

« The Lebsche knife is a 25-centimeter-long stainless steel rod with a handle at one end and a sharp wedge at the other. »
« Before orthopedic saws were created, the Lebsche knife was the tool with which surgeons cut through the sternum to reach the heart and lungs. »
« He's knocked me down. My enemy's weight crushes my shoulder into the mud. The edge of his knife bites into the flesh of my neck. »
« It's Tom, my best friend. He pulls his amaranth-stemmed knife away from my neck. »
« To his surprise, the coroner discovered a knife with a wooden handle, but whose blade was not steel but, to all appearances, flint. There was no doubt about it: this corpse was very old. How old, the coroner did not know. »
« Back in Innsbruck on Tuesday morning, the coroner prepared the corpse for examination and placed beside it the objects collected from the place where it was found: some fragments of wood, the knife, a strange cylindrical case of birch bark about 20 centimetres long and, most strikingly, an axe with a metal head and an L-shaped wooden handle. »
« For years, cookbooks have stated that lettuce should be cut by hand. If a knife is used, they warn, the leaves will inevitably wilt or discolour. »
« The researcher bought lettuce, chopped some leaves by hand and others with a knife, left them in the refrigerator for a few days and then compared the results. Another myth was debunked: we can chop lettuce with a knife or by hand. "The salad will look exactly the same," says the discoverer. »
« He fumbled in the darkness for his diving gear, where he kept a small knife. He took it out and put the blade on his wrist. That would be quicker, he thought. »
« There are two things the diver wants to retrieve from the underground cavern where he was trapped: the knife he threw into the water so he wouldn't be found dead by his own hand, and the statue of the Virgin of Mount Carmel. »
« The sacrificial ceremony included cutting open the chest of a captured criminal or warrior with an obsidian knife and removing his still beating heart. »

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