Sentences with 'fards'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fards and other words derived from it.

« The colours used are: eyelids: pale pink and pearly pink fards. Cheeks and temples: orange/copper blush. Lips: red / copper rouge. »
« The fards (rouge): use two fards in light tones to enhance the eyes. A combination of orange and gold is ideal. Apply a little powder before applying the fards to set them. »
« The fards (rouge): make a lilac-coloured arc from the inner corner of the eye to the eyebrows. In the centre put a little pearly fard. From the outer corner to the eyebrow, apply pink fard. After contouring the lower eyelid, blend it with a little cotton wool. On the eyelashes a lot of mascara. »
« The fards: go for a brownish-brown fard if you have brown eyes. If you have round eyes, you can give them a nice almond shape by highlighting the outer corner of the eye with a dark pencil stroke. In the evening, use a metallic shimmer fard and outline your lower eyelid with green kajal. Mascara on the lashes. »

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