Sentences with 'vertical'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vertical and other words derived from it.

« That steam engine was an adaptation of the vertical boilers used by farmers to move small machinery. »
« Six engines are responsible for the mobility of the machine: the propulsion of the submarine is ensured by the two rear engines; two others, located at the ends, produce the vertical movements; the last two are responsible for the lateral movements. »
« The largest crossword puzzle ever published was made by Robert Stilgerbanbauer in Los Angeles, USA, in 1949. It had 3,185 horizontal and 3,149 vertical words and, to do it, he spent eleven years using his spare time. »
« The incredible Leaning Tower of Pisa has an inclination of 4.265 metres in relation to its vertical axis. It is 55.22 metres high on the north side and 54.52 metres high on the south side. In 1988 it was tilted by 0.64 millimetres, in 1989 by 1.06 millimetres, but the most dangerous tilt occurred in 1973 when it deviated by about three millimetres. Today, it is checked and carefully measured month by month. »

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