8 sentences with 'throughout'

Example sentences and phrases with the word throughout and other words derived from it.

« A sigh was heard throughout the room when he removed it, slowly, and not a drop of blood came out. »
« Today, there are numerous institutions throughout the world aimed at combating smoking. »
« The examination of urine soon spread throughout Europe and became the medical activity par excellence: the doctor's assurance and the gestures with which he inspects the urine against the light, smells it and probably also tastes it, seemed to convince the patient of the utmost wisdom of the practitioner. »
« Blood pressure is not a constant value. It varies throughout the day, and the factors that change it are varied. »
« As academic fields became more specialised throughout the 19th century, history became identified as the study of the past based on written artefacts. »
« Of the advanced hominids, only homo sapiens spread throughout the world. »
« Not only in Mesopotamia, but throughout the ancient world, there is significant evidence of religious belief systems centred on two main themes: fertility and death. »
« However, throughout the entire period there were many cultural, spiritual and intellectual traditions that remained the same. »

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