6 sentences with 'no'

Example sentences and phrases with the word no and other words derived from it.

« -Oh, no," I replied. I appreciate that, but a wig is not serious. »
« One of the passengers kept repeating: -We're going to crash, aren't we // And Susan Prince tried to smile as she replied: -No, no. Look, the plane has levelled off. Everything is fine. »
« On one occasion when they spoke on the phone, Julie Baller asked her relative if the doctor had checked her dosage of the thyroid medication. When the answer was no, Julie asked him to read the label on the medicine bottle. »
« When they said no, the guard calmly added: "Well then, get off the train at 12:04. »
« He said no. Then she made a gesture to walk away. »
« As soon as I walked into the bedroom with the book under my arm, wearing my sexy nightgown, my husband exclaimed, "Oh no, you've missed the page I had marked / I felt especially snubbed that night. »
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