5 sentences with 'nationhood'

Example sentences and phrases with the word nationhood and other words derived from it.

« Wars between different peoples living together under the rule of the same state show the mismatch between that state and its people's sense of nationhood. »
« Some have explained this by suggesting that many people perceived the war as another civil war. The state, which was struggling to organise itself internally and had already drafted a constitution, could not get all its inhabitants to possess an idea of nationhood that strictly corresponded to the one it promoted. »
« The extension of state institutions and, fundamentally, of the education system throughout the territory is crucial to consolidate the idea of nationhood. »
« However, the economic element is not sufficient to achieve the homogeneity contained in the idea of nationhood. For it to take on its full significance, the idea of nationhood has to be "in people's heads", which happens partly as a result of having lived through a common historical process, but also thanks to the intervention of the state in the dissemination of this idea. »
« If we compare two European states, Britain and France, for example, we see that the idea of nationhood and its compatibility with the state is very strong in the case of France. »
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