5 sentences with 'refuse'

Example sentences and phrases with the word refuse and other words derived from it.

« I asked him if, given the volume of my prostate, he would refuse my case. »
« She began to refuse invitations from friends until they stopped inviting her. »
« If she doesn't feel desire at that moment, she should refuse, but she should also tell her partner how much she wants him, and that she will gladly make love later. »
« This was a significant change, for until the mid-17th century at the earliest, to be king was to refuse to get one's hands dirty with commerce. It was because of the incredible success of the Dutch that kings and nobles across Europe began to change their views and values. »
« "I've seen workers refuse entry to someone who came in faint from hunger, just because they showed up an hour after the food was served. Who cares what time it was," says the altruistic woman. »
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