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Example sentences and phrases with the word viceroy and other words derived from it.

« One of the first demands of the English invaders was that they be given the royal treasure, whose wealth the viceroy Sobre Monte had dispatched to the interior. They managed to catch up with the wagons carrying them in the city of Luján and once they had seized them, they sent them to London. »
« On 24 March 1806, Captain Santiago de Liniers, head of the fort at the inlet of Barragán (next to the present-day city of La Plata, Argentina), warned the viceroy that an English fleet was off the coast of Quilmes. »
« The viceroy left the city and headed for Cordoba, where he hoped to gather soldiers to face the British invaders. By the same route he dispatched all the metallic currency that constituted the royal treasury. »
« The people of Buenos Aires jubilantly celebrated the reconquest of their city, but the same did not happen when they learned that the viceroy Sobre Monte was approaching at the head of an army formed in Cordoba. »
« The defeat of the English Beresford, the advance of the viceroy and the possibility of a new English attack determined that on the 14th of August 1806 the neighbours met in an Open Town Council. There it was approved to ask Sobre Monte to leave the political command to the Real Audiencia and the military command to Liniers. The viceroy initially resisted, but ended up giving in and leaving with his troops for the Banda Oriental. »
« Rafael de Sobre Monte failed to resume command after the failure of the second English invasion. Instead, King Charles IV appointed Liniers as interim viceroy (December 1807). »
« One of the main centres of opposition to the viceroy was in Montevideo, where his authority was rejected and a Junta de Gobierno was formed under the presidency of Francisco Javier de Elío. »
« In mid-1809, Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros, appointed viceroy by the Central Junta of Seville, arrived in the Río de la Plata. The new ruler received command from Liniers and dissolved the Montevideo Junta. »
« As 1810 began, the situation in Spain became difficult for those resisting the French. The French continued to advance and took Seville in February, which led to the dissolution of the Central Junta. The Peninsula was thus left without any government and the authority that had appointed Cisneros viceroy of the Río de la Plata disappeared. Only the city of Cadiz remained free. »

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