6 sentences with «vast»

« In the past, Taiwan and South Korea exported the vast majority of their manufactured goods to the United States. Today, only 26 to 29 percent of their production goes to the United States. »
« The vast majority of the elderly suffered from some kind of illness and were dependent on third parties or mechanical devices - canes, walkers or wheelchairs - to get around. »
« It is possible to imagine some chapters of this vast history of mankind. »
« What is most surprising is that the vast majority of the human dna series seem to serve no purpose at all. This gibberish includes the inoperative "pseudogenes," that is, attempts by DNA, dating back perhaps millions of years, to produce new genes that never fully functioned, but have been preserved like broken toys in the attic. »
« The Lomba River valley has become a vast cornfield stretching 30 kilometers. »
« That energy was the basis for a vast and dramatic expansion of European technology, wealth and military power, this time built not on the backs of pure slaves, but on subsistence wage labourers. »

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