7 sentences with 'vast'

Example sentences and phrases with the word vast and other words derived from it.

« In the past, Taiwan and South Korea exported the vast majority of their manufactured goods to the United States. Today, only 26 to 29 percent of their production goes to the United States. »
« For now, we are just beginning to discover the vast universe of the human brain. »
« In the span of a few months, Highland Park was dizzyingly transformed into a vast, intricate, never-ending mechanical ballet. »
« The vast majority of the elderly suffered from some kind of illness and were dependent on third parties or mechanical devices - canes, walkers or wheelchairs - to get around. »
« After 24 weeks, all of the elderly had increased their muscle strength by 20 to 400 percent. The vast majority stopped using walkers, some abandoned their wheelchairs. »
« It is possible to imagine some chapters of this vast history of mankind. »
« The book described how, for 22 harrowing days, they floated adrift in the vast Pacific Ocean. »

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