7 sentences with 'kill'

Example sentences and phrases with the word kill and other words derived from it.

« They're going to kill me, I thought, what am I doing here? »
« -Why are they doing this, Tony? -How can they kill their own people? »
« Her father, a cruel man, decided to kill her and during a canoe trip he cut off her fingers and legs and threw the corpse into the sea. »
« It turned out to be a rare antibiotic-resistant bacterium - Pseudomonas cepacia - but her immune system was strong enough to kill it. »
« As conditions warmed around 70,000 years ago, another wave of Homo sapiens sapiens spread to the Middle East and Europe and began to interbreed with and - probably - slowly kill off Neanderthals, who disappeared soon after. »
« In ancient Greece, slave masters could legally kill, rape or mutilate slaves if they saw fit. »
« It was easy to train men to use gunpowder weapons, and such weapons could easily kill a knight who had spent a lifetime training to fight. »

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