5 sentences with 'juries'

Example sentences and phrases with the word juries and other words derived from it.

« Gaius Gracchus attacked corruption in the provinces, allying himself with the √©quita class and allowing √©quites to serve on juries that tried corruption cases. He also tried to speed up the redistribution of land. »
« Prior to the 1764 Act, colonial violations of the Navigation Acts had been tried in local courts, where sympathetic colonial juries refused to convict traders on trial. »
« These crown-sanctioned courts, which resolved disputes at sea, operated without juries. »
« The Administration of Justice Act allowed the royal governor to unilaterally move any trial of a Crown officer out of Massachusetts, a change designed to prevent hostile Massachusetts juries from deciding such cases. »
« Since race united all whites as members of the master race, non-slaveholding whites participated in civic duties. They served on juries and voted. »

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