6 sentences with «jail»

« In jail we made beads, painted them with darkened putty made from cigarette ash, and formed rosaries for prayer. We would bind the beads together with strands taken from our bedding, and bake them in the heat of the cell's electric light bulb. »
« The law punishes with jail time any adult repeat offender caught with firearms or ammunition. »
« -One thing I can guarantee," the lawyer replied, "you won't go to jail with that kind of money. // And the lawyer was right. The man went to prison completely destitute. »
« My father and Randy took him to jail. »
« They were remanded to jail pending trial. »
« Each member of the team looked with ecstatic veneration at the coach - the same man who just ten years earlier I had thought should go to jail for mistreating children. »
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