7 sentences with 'noted'

Example sentences and phrases with the word noted and other words derived from it.

« He noted that the young woman was not wearing a wedding ring. »
« It should be noted that the damage caused by tobacco is even greater in the case of indirect smoke, the smoke that floods the air from the end of the cigarette, as combustion is greater and the resulting spectrum of carcinogenic tars is proportionally greater. »
« In the early 17th century, the Italian physician and physiologist Santorio Santorio, a disciple of Galileo Galilei, noted the importance of temperature in the human body and began testing primitive thermometers for the purpose of measuring it. »
« In his congratulatory letter to him, Tenet noted that in espionage, secrecy is fundamental. »
« As noted, the Romans did not use the term "Western civilisation" and as their empire expanded, even the connection between Roman identity and Italy itself weakened. »
« For better and for worse, the West was also the point of origin of true globalisation (beginning with Europe's contact with the Americas, as noted above). »
« As noted above, each city had its own specific patron deity who "owned" and took special interest in the affairs of that city. »
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