6 sentences with 'fill'

Example sentences and phrases with the word fill and other words derived from it.

« "I know I can fill that position," he told the boss, convinced. »
« Meanwhile, Dylan saw through the window the second floor fill with smoke, and realized that, although the metal walls of the elevator would keep out the flames, they would eventually heat up and turn the room into an oven. »
« At that moment I understood my father more than ever, and the love I felt for him then seemed to fill the room. »
« Dennis Martin, a volunteer firefighter from Jefferson County, held the valve on the tank used to fill the air bags. »
« Coal has to be mined, and coal mines in north-western Europe tended to fill quickly with water as they dipped below the water table, requiring cumbersome pumping systems. »
« Although foreign loans accompanied these moves, new industries did not suddenly materialise to fill the huge gaps in the Russian economy that had been filled by state agencies. »

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